Update your old content… Without the donkey work!

The problem with updating old content with new keywords (content optimization) is…

you know you should update and improve your existing content (as opposed to continually creating new content) to get a better return on previously expended time, effort and money invested in your website


Overwhelming Dashboards!

The thought of viewing your Google Analytics or Google Search Console, with their overwhelming dashboards, fills you with dread and leads to procrastination of improving old content

Studying Spreadsheets!

Even if you overcome the overwhelm, remembering the process of analyzing, filtering & prioritizing the data with all those columns and rows leads to more delaying tactics that slow your progress

Manual Finding & Checking!

And even if you could come up with a list of new keywords to target, you now have the manual and tedious job of checking which ones you are already using and those you are not

We hear you… We understand

You're a Creative

You enjoy the content writing process. All you want to do is create. Not study boring spreadsheets!!

Show Me the Money!

You’re also a business person. A website owner who wants to make money from your content creation efforts

You know about SEO

You know SEO can explode your traffic & website ROI because you’ve invested in the courses, events and groups.


BUt, But, BUT...

The tech. The tools. The keyword research and density checking. The analytics work. They all hold you back.

We know

Content creation & content optimization require different mindsets and skills. For most people, these two content optimisation attributes don’t naturally go hand in hand.

That’s why most content creators never leverage the value of their old content.

Getting your content ranked and relevant for search intent is not a one-time gig.

Updating existing content with keywords you ALREADY rank for BUT ARE NOT USING is how you can show Google your content is accurate, fresh and relevant.

It is how we’ve got our own site’s page one rankings. And it’s how you can do the same to drive more significant search engine traffic.

Introducing KoCoA. Your Keyword & Content OptimiZation Assistant

We’ll DO what YOU DON’T want to do. (So YOU CAN DO what you do want to do!)

Most keyword research tools and services tell you what you could rank for. Our KoCoA tools and processes build on keywords you ARE already ranking for (BUT NOT USING).

Regular Updates

Once a month (or bi-monthly/quarterly), expect to receive a one-page view of 20-30 keywords extracted from your own Google Search Console data that you, or us, must prioritize adding to an existing piece of content

20-30 Keywords

That’s 20-30 keywords you know have been chosen based on real data and a rigorous filtering process that incorporates both the art and science of mastering SEO. AKA Making Friends with Google.

Improved Rankings

You’re filled with confidence and know that applying the 80-20 rule to this data will help your website improve it’s search rankings and, in turn, your ability to make money from your amazing content creation efforts

Optimize for keywords you ARE already ranking for But not using!

Stop hoping for high search rankings based on your initial ‘best guess’ keyword focus.

Start taking proactive steps to improve your keyword focus based on your own data

make a Commitment

You could keep creating new content. But that’s a lot of time and energy you don’t have. Improving old content is much quicker and easier.

Sign Up & Share

Agree an initial commitment. Then share your Google Search Console data to help us help you update and improve your existing content.

Enjoy a Nice Drink

Pour your favorite drink and use our reports to update your old content. It takes less work and delivers faster results. Or we can do it for you! SORTED!

Not sure how much to invest in improving your website effectiveness?


Our easy to use ROI calculator makes it simple to estimate the potential return on investment you’ll get when you consider ways to improve any website performance and online marketing campaigns